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McFarlin Law attorneys knowingly and wilfully conspire with their white collar criminal clients to deprive innocent people of justice and their First Amendment rights.

Criminal and administrative complaints are now pending against McFarlin Law attorneys Jarrod Nakano and Gary Dote. These attorneys belong in jail.

Check the websites below to learn more about criminal activities of these unscrupulous attorneys and their co-conspirators.


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  • Endeavor America
  • EA Wholesale
  • American Capital Corporation
  • ACC Financial
  • Alderson Law
  • Ewaniszyk Law
  • John David Pereira Law
  • Corfield Feld
  • McFarlin Law
  • James Alderson
  • Shannon Suber
  • John David Pereira
  • Michael Corfield
  • Natalie Kellogg
  • Timothy McFarlin
  • Jarrod Nakano
  • Gary Dote